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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

# 1

Okay, so I've seen so many blogs that I adore and enjoy reading everyday, so I thought why not start my own. It's gonna take some time for me to get this where I want it, but in the mean time I'm gonna write my lil heart out. Okay so where do I begin?

 I woke up today (only cause Brooke was climbing on top of me screaming "up mommy") in one of those moods where I was not at all ready to roll outta bed. As most ppl know I'm pregnant, six months prego that is. I am in that stage where I can't sleep, my legs cramp constantly and I have to pee every other minute.... Ahh pregnancy. Don't get me wrong because I'm very lucky and very proud to have Brooke and now MaKenna on the way but pregnancy has never been my friend. Okay so anyway, Brooke and I slide out of bed, and as I stand up to wake completely up I look down and realize I can't see my feet...ohhh lucky me! My belly is officially stuck out far enought that I can no longer see my pretty purple nail polish on my oversized swelled up feet. So that's how my day begins....